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Connecting Caring People With Children In Need
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About Us


To transform the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children in developing countries by linking them to compassionate and responsible supporters who provide sustained assistance for health, education, mentoring and emotional support.

Our Organization

eGlobal Family (formerly known as Email Foster Parents International) was founded in 2000 by Honolulu Sunrise Rotarian Rob Hail. Since then, the organization has supported hundreds of children at Future Light Orphanage in Cambodia and has formed partnerships with orphanages throughout Southeast Asia. We help provide the basics that every child deserves: safety, health, education and love.

eFoster Parent Program

One email a month and a dollar a day is all it takes to become an eFoster Parent. This unique program connects orphaned and vulnerable children with people who sincerely want to make a difference. By exchanging heartfelt email letters and digital pictures, our Email Foster Parents help their children become more confident and feel loved, perhaps for the first time in their lives.


Through the emotional and financial support of their foster parents, sponsored children in our eGlobal Family are afforded the opportunity to develop into more confident and self-reliant individuals.


Here's a short video about eGlobal Family, shot in Cambodia by filmmaker Jeff DePonte:

Here's the trailer for an upcoming Jeff DePonte documentary film about Nuon Phaly, Founder of Future Light Orphanage, Out of the Dark:

Here's the Mixed Plate with Pamela Young segment, entitled "Children of the Future Light."

Cambodian Kid Studying

We are eGlobal Family. Join our family!