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President's Letter 2014

Aloha friends of eGlobal Family!

My name is James Pierce and I am honored and excited to be serving as President of eGlobal Family for 2014.

My wife and I have traveled to six continents and have seen first-hand the challenges so many children face - challenges that are unfathomable for most people who have enjoyed good health, education, and opportunities in their lives.

The unfortunate reality is that many millions of children face adversity and exploitation in every country in the world. Many never know their parents at all, but rather only know the harsh reality of trying to stay alive in an unforgiving and often outright hostile environment.

The good news is that you can personally make a difference in their lives. Whether you choose to support the eGlobal Family email foster parent program, another worthwhile charitable organization, or make the effort to do something individually of your own design, rest assured individuals can and do make a difference every day. I've seen the difference a little personal motivation, perseverance, and generosity can make on a child's life first hand.

Rob Hail started the email foster program upon returning from Cambodia after meeting an extraordinary woman, Nuon Phaly, founder of Future Light Orphanage (http://www.eglobalfamily.org/phaly-story.html). Ms. Nuon made it her life's work to help orphans in Phnom Phen. I immediately signed on as a foster parent and later visited the orphanage with my wife during a trip through Southeast Asia. I was amazed at the dramatic difference this "grass roots" program was making in these children's lives. That was a decade ago. Since then, the program has continued to grow thanks to the unwavering support and commitment of foster parents and supporters like you.

When I say "the program has continued to grow," what I really mean is it has been successful beyond our expectations and by any measurement. Here are a few highlights:

- Well over a million dollars raised over the last decade towards programs and facilities directly improving the health and education for hundreds of children.
- More than 300 children matched with caring foster parents
- More than 200 children completed their secondary education, including 19 of 19 seniors graduated this year
- More than 120 children in our Advanced Education program
- More than 60 children graduated college or completed vocational training programs

eGlobal Family strives to make personal connections between donors and children, connections we hope will last a lifetime. Our success is measured not by how much money we raise, but rather by the impact we have on each child's life.

I recently asked my own foster child in Cambodia, Meata, to help me document the last ten years. To convey, in her own words, what the email foster program meant to her personally. You can read Meata's story here:


While we are happy with the successes we have enjoyed, there is no shortage of underprivileged children that literally don't know where their next meal is coming from or where they will sleep tonight. The majority of our funding comes from individuals just like you who care enough to make a personal commitment of time, money, and love. Every year we have more young children entering the program and older children hoping they can go on to attain their dream of higher education. We can't do it without you, but with your help we can do so much more.

In this new year, I would like to ask you to do three things:

1) Please consider supporting eGlobal Family via a monetary donation (http://www.eglobalfamily.org/donate.html).
2) Please tell your friends about eGlobal Family and encourage them to sponsor a child in need. (http://www.eglobalfamily.org/sponsor-flo.html)
3) Please help us capture success stories like Meata's above and consider documenting what being an email foster parent has meant to you. You can contact us here: http://eglobalfamily.org/contact.html

I also want to share some of the our key priorities for 2014.

1) Continue to develop sustainable funding models to ensure long term financial security.
2) Continue to build solid English curriculum to supplement the local secondary school offerings.
3) Continue to grow our Advanced Education program to enable our kids to be successful adults.
4) Explore the feasibility of a sustainable agriculture program providing food, education, and possibly even revenue for Future Light Orphanage.

In closing, I would like to personally thank our donors and directors. Without their continued motivation, persistence, and generosity, eGlobal Family would not be possible. I encourage anyone interested in helping underprivileged children to contact us.

James Pierce
President, eGlobal Family

Cambodian Kid Studying

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