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Advanced Education (AE)

eGlobal Family provides advanced educational opportunities for students after high school to include:

eGlobal Family iconScholarships for academic or vocational training

eGlobal Family iconIndividual academic and/or job counseling

eGlobal Family iconPart-time hands-on work experience

eGlobal Family iconAssistance with independent living

eGlobal Family iconEmployment opportunities in fields of Business Administration, IT, Hospitality, Tourism, etc.

eGlobal Family iconOver 50 students currently enrolled in the AE program

eGlobal Family iconAll students highly encouraged to "give back" to their institutions after completion of their studies

Learn more about how you can fund an Advanced Education Scholarship, or for more details, click here.

AE Students at FLO

Sambath Yann (right) and Srey Sey Yi (left) are graduates of eGlobal Family's Advanced Education Program.  Sambath is a graduate of Norton University. Srey Sey is a graduate of Vanda Institute in accounting.