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Our Family Stories

Soknat Kry / Bill & Tracy Gaeth

Soknat Kry's Story (in her own words)

March 25th, 2016

Dear all FLOW supporters, eGlobal family, all foster parents and supporter,

My name is Soknat Kry. Today I am so delighted to share about my life story before I came to live in Future Life Orphanage of Worldmate (FLOW) and what my life have changed after then. Here is my story:

I lived at Kompong Speu province which isknown as a province that has the most palm tree among 24 provinces in Cambodia. Most of the citizen making palm sugar and work at rice field for daily life. My parent was divorced since I was so little. I did not even remember my father’s face. He has married a new wife and has never visited or offered me any support. I lived with my mother, 2 aunties (both do not have husband) and an old grandmother. We had 5 member and all are women. A whole family worked very hard on the rice field all days. Even though we had a bad condition, but my mother still sent me to school. My family condition became worse day by day. Once while I wanted to drop school and went to help my mother at rice field. But my mother told me that because she has never been to school she could not even read that is a reason why she could not do anything else besides a hard work at rice field and it would not help family condition became better. She did not want me to go through the way she has walked. Though she cannot afford me to high school, but she wanted me to graduate from primary school at least. It took 3 kilometers from my home to school. I spent 6 years walked to school and sometimes I had to walk alone.

The last year of school was coming soon. Everyone was so happy about continue to high school and I was not one of them because I knew exactly that school life was going to end, BUT I can say that it was a miracle happened to me at the same year that there was a new teacher came to teach in my school. He was educated from FLOW and became teacher. After knowing about my family situation and saw that I was smart and hard work he talked to my mother about sending me to FLOW.

My life was completely changed since my first step to FLOW. FLOW provided me more than I expected to have when I was at my homeland such as: Good food, beautiful shelter, nice clothes, English and Computer Class, traditional dancing, hospitality course, sending us to public school and providing us great chances to join other course classes with foreigner teachers and especially, good advice, charity, warm loves which are the most needed of hundreds vulnerable children.

FLOW also found me a wonderful foster parents Bill and Tracy Gaeth. We exchange mails, sharing love and life experiences. They sent me gifts, encourage and giving me many good advices for a good decision. They visited me in January 2006 and we had a great time together.

After graduated from high school, I had a great chance to join the Advanced Education Program (AE) to study at college for 4 years. I was attending for Accounting major at Vanda Institute of Accounting and Taxation under the supported from FLOW and my foster parent. Life at college was so much different I experienced new things and met challenging people.Though I live outside, but Flow and my foster parent still keeping in touch with me and I am always welcomed if I need any consults or advices. They are my forever family and ever.

According to a good attitude and polite way that I have learnt at FLOW, I could get a job since early year 1 as a Receptionist for one of a recruitment company in Phnom Penh, but then I was recommend by FLOW to work for JRfC-WAfC organization as an Accountant Assistant since September 16th, 2013. I am now still working for JRfC-WAfC organization and transfer to Accountant/Cashier position. I just graduated from Vanda Institute of Accounting and Taxation lately and going to get the officially certificate on May 10 2016.

Last but not least, I would like express my deeply thanks and gratitude to FLOW staff, eGlobal family, all foster parents and supporters for your kind hearted and working very hard to supporting us and making a hug change of hundreds children life. You are such a great role model for us to spreading good love and being potential people.

The Foster Parent experience (as written by Soknat's eFoster Father)

Soknat Kry / Bill & Tracy Gaeth - August 11, 2016

In 2006, a little over ten years ago, Tracy and I attended a dinner party in Honolulu. At the party there was a display of beautiful silk merchandise from Cambodia, items provided by FLOW founder Madam Phaly and offered for sale. There was also a short explanation of the Foster Family program at FLOW and profiles offered of a number of FLOW kids available for adoption. That very evening Tracy and I decided to become FLOW Foster parents. And shortly thereafter via email we were introduced to our beautiful foster daughter, the then 12 year old Soknat Kry.

We immediately began corresponding with Soknat and over the next several months were able to get to know each other better. She shared with us stories of her family and how she was able to come to FLOW. And we shared our stories about Hawaii, our families, our professions and especially how happy we were to be part of her life.

Shortly thereafter, we decided to travel to SE Asia….Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia, and we especially wanted to visit FLOW and personally meet Soknat. Tracy and I were able to spend some time (too short) with her at a special dinner at FLOW, enjoy each other’s company, and become more familiar with the wonderful staff and kids residing there.

Over the years our emails would become more frequent as we exchanged more details of our lives, how her school progress was going, how often she was able to travel to see her family and mother, and to hear her plans for the future. And it was incredibly gratifying for both Tracy and me to see Soknat progress in school and grow to be a sensitive, intelligent and caring young lady.

And then came the TV special. In 2012, with the professional assistance of Honolulu Tele-journalist Pamela Young, my company KITV4 decided to produce a ½ hour TV special featuring FLOW, Phaly and many of the kids living there. The story centered on the incredible personal commitment of FLOW founder Madam Phaly and her staff. And we were also able to include short profiles of several FLOW kids including Soknat. The program aired three times in prime time in Honolulu. Soknat did a great job and Tracy and I were very proud of her.

And finally, a special day arrived. Three months ago, in the Spring of 2016, Soknat sent us several happy pictures of her college graduation day. Plenty of big smiles and festivities. And we were really pleased to see pictures of Soknat standing next to many of her friends and especially her VERY proud mother as they enjoyed the special day. Both Tracy and I are beaming with pride over Soknat’s success and how far she has come since we met her 10 years ago. CONGRATULATIONS Soknat!!

The best news is that we believe that this is just the beginning of a beautiful and happy life for Soknat. The future is indeed bright for her and we are confident that she will continue to grow and become a positive role model for other FLOW kids who are just beginning the journey she just completed.

Tracy and I believe that being a FLOW Foster Parent for Soknat has been a true pleasure.

Young Soknat

Soknat after arriving at FLO

Soknat at FLO

Soknat taking computer classes at FLOW in 2009

Soknat at Work

Soknat at work in 2016